Jordan Della Bella

Cincinnati, OH

Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Specialist

Wild White Rhinos on a Nature Preserve in Uganda.
Wild White Rhinos on a Nature Preserve in Uganda.

A Passion for Adventure and Personalized Experiences

My passion for travel ignited during childhood and continues to burn brightly today. Inspired by countless journeys across diverse landscapes, I pursued formal education in Ecotourism and Adventure Travel, further fueling my desire to explore the world's hidden gems and immerse myself in its vibrant cultures. With a travel resume boasting visits to 25 breathtaking countries, including an unforgettable experience living in the Bahamas, I bring a wealth of personal insights and expertise to my role as your trusted travel advisor.

My infectious enthusiasm lies in crafting unforgettable experiences for you, my client. Leveraging my meticulous attention to detail, I meticulously curate itineraries that align with your unique travel aspirations, ensuring every element reflects your interests and desires. Whether you're an adventurous soul seeking exhilarating escapades or a cultural enthusiast eager to immerse yourself in diverse traditions, I am your ideal travel companion. With my expertise in ecotourism and adventure travel, I am committed to responsible travel practices, ensuring your journeys leave a positive impact on the destinations you explore.

Travel Philosophy: For me, travel is more than sightseeing; it's a transformative journey that broadens perspectives, fosters cultural appreciation, and ignites a sense of wonder. I believe in the power of travel to connect us with the world around us, fostering respect for diverse cultures and inspiring personal growth.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Ecotourism and Adventure Travel
  • Personalized Itinerary Design
  • Cultural Immersion Experiences
  • Wildlife and Nature Enthusiast
  • Caribbean and Central & South American Destinations and Africa

Favorite Destinations: 

  • Africa (Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda) 
  • The Galapagos
  • Ecuador
  • Peru 
  • Belize 
  • Costa Rica
  • The Caribbean
  • Italy 
  • Belgium
  • Greece

Travel Style: My travel style embraces both cultural immersion and adventurous exploration. From savoring local delicacies like homemade tortelloni in Italy to embarking on thrilling wildlife excursions on safari, I relish every opportunity to connect with the essence of my destinations.

Why Choose Jordan?

Beyond my extensive travel knowledge and meticulous planning, I offer a personalized approach to travel planning. I take the time to understand your unique desires, crafting itineraries that exceed your expectations and create lasting memories.

Contact: I'm eager to hear from you and discuss your travel dreams! Reach out to me at or call +15137936586 to embark on an unforgettable journey together.

Destination Expert:

  • Caribbean
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Central America
  • South America

Travel Specialist:

  • Adventure
  • Animals & Wildlife
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Sustainable Travel
  • Safari

Industry Affiliations:

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